A Slowly Closing Chapter

Well folks, it seems as though my new prosthetic may in fact be right around the corner. Let me bring you all up to speed.

After our consultation with the surgeon, we finally got back in touch with the prosthetic dentist. That took way more time and confrontation then I would have hoped for-but in the spirit of staying focused on what’s ahead, I’ll leave the details out.

We’re moving forward. We’re going to use the implants while we still have them and cross the looming bridge of failing implants when we come to it. We’re anticipating about 5-7 more years of use out of these ones, and at this point that feels like a great compromise.

The appointment was scheduled for the 4th, and in preparation for the installation of my brand new prosthetic, Alex and I went and bought all the crunchy and chewy foods I had been longing for. Bagels, 6 heads of romaine lettuce, carrots, tortilla chips, veggies galore. I had this pep in my step knowing I’d soon be put back together again.

Jokes on me. All day leading up the appointment I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew something was going to go wrong-but I was staying positive and day dreaming about the Caesar salad I was going to eat for dinner.

I’m sitting in the chair with my jaw held open by something that looks like a medieval torture device. I’m singing Joni Mitchell in my head to try and drown out the noises of the tools that scare me so much. I know something is wrong. My Doctor is more forceful that usual, and I keep hearing him say “let’s try one more time”. It’s been two hours. I’ve been given one break to rest my jaw, but my entire face is now going numb. I want to stop.

What I gather is a mechanical issue that occurred in the lab, my new prosthetic was built incorrectly and after two of the longest hours of my life, we agree it needs to be rebuilt and sent back to the lab. The appointment is already made for next Thursday, which hopefully will be the real deal and things will go accordingly. As the title of this blog states, we may finally be here. The slowest, most drawn out closing of a chapter, ever.

Joining Alex in the waiting room, I knew that he already knew something went wrong. I remember thinking to myself around the one and half hour mark that he probably knew something was up. I’m so lucky to have him. Seeing his face immediately calmed me. We make a good team, and he makes me feel so brave. Walking out to him after that long terrible appointment I was over come with such guilt. That after all that waiting I wouldn’t have any good news to share. Especially since I knew he was expecting to hear it.

So, that’s all really. Mentally, I feel hopeful that next week will go smoothly. What’s one more week of waiting in the grand scheme of things?

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